Thursday, June 3, 2021

June Update from the Farm & Acreage Listings

Finally!  It's June and we're starting to get some rainfall on the east coast of Central Florida!  It has been so dry here that the grass crunches when I walk on it!  We are so very thankful for some moisture this first week of the month already.  
We also began hurricane season 2021 on June 1st.  Now is the time to start preparing and making sure our supplies are stocked and generators are all in working order.  We have some readiness to do around our home this weekend. I created a hurricane checklist a few years ago here that you can print and make yourself ready and even add your own items.

Our Spring garden is on the tail end of producing.  The bugs have taken over my collards but the chickens love the greens...and the bugs!   This Spring I grew squash, zuchinni, bush beans, sweet corn, green onions, radishes, several varieties of tomatoes, peppers, collards, and several herbs. I've found a website through the  University of Florida  that lists what and when to plant in Central Florida....including flowers, plants and trees and how to care for your lawn.   I'm very surprised to learn that some things can grow in the heat of summer!  Like Pole beans which like warm soil.  So I am going to give them a try.  It is also time to plant pumpkins.  I picked a variety that will produce smaller pumpkins for pies, breads and fillings.  I learned last year that large jack-o-lantern pumpkins are not for baking though I did try it. 

Last week we were able to pick up 12 mature blueberry bushes for $7 each from a University of Florida extension project in Auburndale.  It was a two hour trip but worth it.  It was really exciting to see rows and rows of blueberry bushes lined up as far as the eye could see!  Ours are now planted in the ground as a hedge along our horse fence and rain is exactly what is needed.  

Last week we also bought a used John Deere tractor that we added to our farm.  My husband has some "chores" he wants to accomplish with it.  (I honestly think he just wanted a tractor!) 😄  It came with a brush hog and a box blade as a package deal.  We have a little work to do on it like flush the radiator and change the oil but it will be a nice addition for a few projects we need to complete.

I've spent more time at my desk over the last few weeks.  I've been working on 3 mortgage loans, a new marketing piece which has already been mailed and have signed up more vacant lot listings in our neighborhood.  I currently have wooded, vacant lot listings in Deer Run Equestrian Community available and priced from $129,900 - $175,000.  They are all acreage from 2.53 to 3.87 acres.  The community is an HOA with one horse per acre permitted.  I love where we live and I believe the community will continue to grow both in population and in value.
I've been blessed with much work.  You know the old saying "Make hay while the sun is shining". I've re-activated my digital "to do" list as I can no longer keep track of every task in my head. I use an app called Todoist  that works on my browser.  I revise it each morning and print on colored paper.  White paper easily gets lost on my desk.  This helps keep me orgainzed both for work related and personal tasks. I love marking off tasks I've completed each day.  I'm a goal oriented person and I like to see progress.  I hope you are seeing progress and accomplishing much too.
It is starting to rain again!  Have a great weekend.

JoAnn Young
Central Florida Realtor