Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Why Millennials Can't Purchase a Home

The American dream has been delayed for many millennials.  Nine out of ten millennial renters wish to purchase a home but cannot do so in the near future. 😞

According to a recent survey from ApartmentList.com, 72% of millennial renters site affordability as a factor with 62% of those renters pinpointing the fact they have zero savings. An estimated two-third's of millennial renters would require two decades to save a 20% down payment on a median priced home.

What's the cause?  Read the full article (here).

There is hope for the millennial generation and this can certainly be turned around much sooner than later.  Click over to my friend, Dave Ramsey's blog (here) and find out how.

 Reposted by JoAnn Young, Florida Realtor 321-243-4917, JoAnn@MyFLDreamHome.com