Wednesday, August 28, 2019

My Personal Hurricane Prep List

We've begun hurricane preparations for the named storm "Dorian".  If this storm continues on its path, our area, Brevard County will receive a direct hit.   We begin working on our checklist as soon as possible.  We sometimes have several days to prepare but we are ready for it when it comes.

July - Beginning of August:
Trim trees and limbs
Make sure dirt and sand, clumps of grass are pulled away from the house
Clear rain gutters of leaves & debris
Shop for canned goods / powdered milk
Begin depleting freezer meats - use caution in buying more

Named storm - Our area in the path
Pick up all debris around the yard
Fill gas cans
Fill propane tank for grill
Buy bottled water and in gallon containers - do this early!
Check & start generator
Prepare hurricane shutters for installation
Check tarps, bungee cords & ropes
Duct tape handy
Buy batteries for flashlights / make sure flashlights work
Gather candles / Bic Lighters
Cash on hand at least $1000
Ensure RX's are filled - put in plastic ziplock bag
Make sure enough dog food / dog meds
Tools handy including shovel, hammer, etc
Make sure all important documents all in one place - homeowner's insurance / waterproof safe
Extra house keys, car keys placed in waterproof safe

1-2 days before the storm impacts
Install hurricane shutters or window coverings
Shop for non-perishables/paper goods / paper plates, disposable utensils, cups, paper towels
Cook any meats ready to eat in a few days - We always fry chicken!
Place generator in garage with extension cord and gas can
Put chain saw in garage
Fill both cars with gas
Move cars away from trees or place in garage
Free sandbags from the county
Bring in patio furniture / plants, outside decor
Do laundry if needed.  May not have electricity after the storm.
Have dry towels ready
Have NOAA weather radio ready
Bring in trash cans - or store in shed/garage
Cooler ready with ice
First aid kit ready
Bug repellant / sunscreen / liquid soap in hurricane kit
Locate phone chargers / phones charged
Charge drill battery
Lower water level in pool - Do not drain!